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Returning to Work after Lockdown

With many organisations starting to return to work after the coronavirus lockdown, the following steps should be taken to ensure the safety of employees: –

1. Complete a Coronavirus Risk Assessment – identify the specific hazards related to coronavirus and evaluate the risks posed to all groups. Use the assessment to identify and implement control measures to protect all groups from coronavirus. Consult with your employees during the risk assessment and communicate findings from the risk assessment to your employees.

2. Develop Cleaning Handwashing and Hygiene Procedures – and encourage everyone in the workplace to follow these procedures. Ensure there is hand sanitiser available, that surfaces are regularly cleaned including extra cleaning in busy areas and for surfaces that are regularly touched.

3. Help People to Work from Home – discuss homeworking measuresand keep open regular lines of communication with any employees still working from home. Ensure they the correct work equipment to be able to work from home safely.

4. Maintain 2m Social Distancing (where possible)- use safety signs to remind employees of the 2m social distancing rule, avoid sharing workstations, use markings on the floor to advise, and arrange one way travel routes where practicable.

5. Manage Transmission Risk if 2m Social Distancing can’t be maintained – consider whether the activity is crucial if 2m social distancing can’t be maintained. If it is then keep the activity time as short as possible, use screens or barriers, avoid face-to-face working if possible, stagger start and finish times, used fixed teams or partnering to reduce the number of people coming into contact with each other.

If you need any support with managing the health and safety of your workplace at this time please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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